Design values

Design values (according to Reimann, Dubberly, Goodwin, Fore and Korman) applicable to any design discipline

Design solutions should be

  1. Ethical [considerate, helpful]: Do no harm; improve human situations.
  2. Purposeful [useful, useable]: Help users achieve their goals and aspirations; accomodate user contexts and capacities.
  3. Pragmatic [viable, feasible]: Help commissioning organisations achieve their goals; accomodate business and technical requirements.
  4. Elegant [ efficient, artful, affective]: Represent the simplestcomplete solution; possess internal (self-revealing, understandable) coherence; appropriately accomodate and stimulate cognition and emotion

From: Cooper, A., Reimann, R., Cronin, D.: About Face 3 – The Essentials of Interaction Design, Wiley, Indianapolis: 2007, Page 151-2


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