Information Architecture: tasks

Main jobs of an IA:

  1. Clarifying the mission and vision for the site, balancing the needs of its sponsoring organization and the needs of its audiences (producer consumer)
  2. Determines what content and functionality the site will contain
  3. Specifies how users will find information in the site by defining its organisation, navigation, labelling and searching systems.
  4. Maps out how the site will accomodate change and growth over time

“As information architects, we organize information so that people can find the right answers to their questions. We strive to support casual browsing and directed searching. Our aim is to apply organization and labeling systems that make sense to users.” p.22

From: Morville, Peter and Rosenfeld, Louis (2002), Information Architecture for the World Wide Web – 2nd edition, Sebastopol: O’Reilly


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