Research Framework

  1. Users [Search log and clickstream analysis; use cases and personas; contextual inquiry; user interviews and user testing]
    1. Audiences
    2. tasks
    3. needs
    4. information seeking behavior
    5. experience
    6. vocabularies
  2. Content [Heuristic evaluation; Metadata and content analysis; Content mapping; Benchmarking]
    1. Document/data types
    2. content objects
    3. metadata
    4. volume
    5. existing structure
  3. Context [Background research; Presentations and meetings; Stakeholder interviews; Technology assessment]
    1. Business goals
    2. funding
    3. politics
    4. culture
    5. technology
    6. human resources

From: Morville, Peter and Rosenfeld, Louis (2002), Information Architecture for the World Wide Web – 2nd edition, Sebastopol: O’Reilly p.213-4


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