Enhancing information scent

June 5, 2008
    Three ways to enhance information scent (i.e. giving the user the idea that they are on the right track):

  1. Ensure that links and category descriptions explicitly describe
    what users will find at the destination. Faced with several
    navigation options, it’s best if users can clearly identify the
    trail to the prey and see that other trails are devoid of
    anything edible.
  2. Don’t use mase-up words or your own slogans as navigation
    options, since they don’t have the scent of the sought-after item
  3. Remind users that they’re still on the path to the food as they
    drill down the site, In other words, provide feedback about their
    location and how it relates to their tasks

From: Nielsen, J. and Loranger, H. (2006), Prioritizing Web Usability, Berkeley, CA.: New Riders, p.53


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