From conceptual models to physical design

June 5, 2008
    Many issues will need to be addressed when developing and testing initial prototypes of conceptual models. These include:

  1. the way information is to be presented and interacted with at the interface
  2. what combinations of media to use (e.g., whether to use sound and animations)
  3. the kind of feedback that will be provided
  4. what combinations of input and output devices to use (e.g., whether to Use speech, keyboard plus mouse, handwriting recognition)
  5. whether to provide agents and in what format
  6. whether to design operations to be hardwired and activated through physical buttons or to represent them on the screen as part of the software
  7. what kinds of help to provide and in what format

From: Preece, J., Rogers, Y., Sharp, H. (2002), Interaction Design: Beyond Human-Computer Interaction, New York: Wiley, p.65


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