Ongoing Usability problems

    Still a usability problem:

  1. Links that don’t change color when visited
  2. Breaking the BACK button: Fitt’s law of click times: “The speed of clicking onscreen
    elements is determined by Fitts’ Law, which states that the
    time it takes for a pointing device to reach a get is
    proportional to the logarithm of the distance to the target
    divided by the size of the target” – means that it although
    the time increases the further away the object is, it
    increases fairky slowly, and depends on the target size!
  3. Opening new browser windows
    1. it disrupts the expected user experience
    2. it pollutes the user’s screen with unwanted objects
    3. it hampers the user’s ability to return to visited pages
    4. it obscures the window the user is currently working on
    5. it can make users believe that links are inactive because
      they appear to have no effect, when in fact the information
      is rendered in an obscure window
  4. Pop-Up windows
  5. Design elements that look like advertisements
  6. Violating Web-wide conventions
  7. Vaporos content and empty hype
  8. Dense content and unscannable text
    Less problematic today, but still an issue

  1. Slow download times
  2. Flash (fashion and fads vs. conventions)
  3. Low relevancy search listings
  4. multimedia and videos
  5. frozen layouts
  6. cross platform incompatibility

    Potential Usability problems that have been improved by designers

  1. Plug Ins and bleeding-edge technology
  2. 3D user interface
  3. Bloated design
  4. splash pages
  5. moving graphics and scrolling text
  6. custom gui widgets
  7. not disclosing who’s behind information
  8. made-up words
  9. outdated content
  10. inconsistency within a website
  11. premature requests for personal information
  12. multiple sites
  13. orphan pages

From: Nielsen, J. and Loranger, H. (2006), Prioritizing Web Usability, Berkeley, CA.: New Riders


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