Sample tasks for usbility testing

June 5, 2008
  1. Go to and find out how much it costs to send a
    postcard to China.
  2. Go to and find the name of the city council
    member for one area
  3. You are planning a family reunion at Sugarloaf Ridge,
    California. Go to and make a reservation for a
    campsite that can hold 35 people.
  4. You are looking for a snack that you can eat during your
    workout. Go to and see what products they have for
  5. Go to and see if you can find out how they came
    up with the idea for the movie Monsters, Inc.
  6. You want to visit the J. Paul Getty Museum this week. Go to and find out the cost to enter and the time it
  7. You want to put $1,000 in the bank and keep it there for a long
    time. Go to and find the Lccounts with the best
    interest rates.
  8. You read an article about how fuel cell technology may world.
    Go to http://www.cun1mins and find the top two pros and cons of fuel
    cell technology.

From: Nielsen, J. and Loranger, H. (2006), Prioritizing Web Usability, Berkeley, CA.: New Riders


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