The value of IA (checklist)

June 5, 2008
    Why good IA is worth the money:

  1. Reduces the cost of finding information
  2. Reduces the cost of finding wrong information
  3. Reduces the cost of not finding information at all
  4. Provides a competitive advantage
  5. Increases product awareness
  6. Increases sales
  7. Makes using a site a more enjoyable experience.
  8. Improves brand loyalty
  9. Reduces reliance upon documentation
  10. Reduces maintenance costs
  11. Reduces training costs
  12. Reduces staff turnover
  13. Reduces organizational upheaval
  14. Reduces organizational politicking
  15. Improves knowledge sharing
  16. Reduces duplication of effort
  17. Solidifies business strategy

From: Morville, Peter and Rosenfeld, Louis (2002), Information Architecture for the World Wide Web – 2nd edition, Sebastopol: O’Reilly, p.344-5


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