Identifying needs and establishing requirements

June 6, 2008
  1. Getting the requirements right is crucial to the success of the
    interactive product. There are different kinds of requirements:
    functional, data, environmental, user, and usability. Every
    system will have requirements under each of these headings.
  2. The most commonly used data-gathering techniques for this
    activity are: questionnaires, interviews, workshops or focus
    groups, naturalistic observation, and studying documentation.
  3. Descriptions of user tasks such as scenarios, use cases, and
    essential use cases help users to articulate existing work
    practices. They also help to express envisioned use for new
  4. Task analysis techniques help to investigate existing systems and
    current practices.

From: Preece, J., Rogers, Y., Sharp, H. (2002), Interaction Design: Beyond Human-Computer Interaction, New York: Wiley, p.235


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