IA Checklist

June 12, 2008

  1. Are we still talking to our primary target audience?
  2. Are our labels accurate and informative?
  3. Can any of our labels be misinterpreted?
  4. Are we speaking a language our audience understands?

  1. Does all our information fit together logically?
  2. Can visitors easily (logically) find the answers to the questions we asked during the role playing phase?
  3. Are any chunks of information left dangling somewhere without a logical place in the overall hierarchy?
  4. Is there a mechanism by which visitors can see what’s new on our site? (If not, do we need one?)
  5. Have we effectively established shared references?
  6. Have we established ourselves as a company to be trusted?
    Navigation and links

  1. Is our structure too wide? (Can some menus be consolidated effectively?)
  2. Is our structure too narrow and deep? (Do we need to split some menus up into more specific subjects?)
  3. Is there too much repetition of the same basic editorial content from one menu item to another?
  4. Can we reduce the number of clicks needed to reach the lowest levels without sacrificing understanding or logic?
  5. Are frequently accessed areas too far from the top level?
  6. Is related (contextual) information contained in different parts of the site properly linked? Is there a way to bundle it in an even more convenient way?
  7. Are links used consistently? What type of links can be determined? Are meaningful trigger words used?
    Individual Pages

  1. Do we really have something to say on each of the main category pages or are they merely glorified menus?
  2. Have some pages been created merely for the sake of completeness?
  3. If someone has submitted information or placed an order, are all the appropriate “Thank you” pages indicated?
    Goals and Growth

  1. Does the structure live up to our primary goals?
  2. Is the site meeting the goals of our target audience?
  3. Have we given people a reason to come back and visit again?
  4. Is the site prepared for growth and/or change in the future?
  5. Have we found our site’s USP? Is our product the hero?

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