Hierarchy of user needs

June 13, 2008
    The User needs hierarchy (variation of Maslow’s pyrmaid) has three levels

  1. Functionality
  2. Usability
  3. Pleasure

“Abraham Maslow (1970) developed a “hierarchy of human needs.” This model views the human as a “wanting animal” who rarely reaches a state of complete satisfaction. Indeed, if a nirvana is reached it will usually only be temporary because once one desire has been fulfilled another will soon surface to take its place. The idea is that as soon as people have fulfilled the needs lower down the hierarchy, they will then want to fulfill the needs higher up. This means that even if basic needs such as physiological needs and safety have been met, people will still et with frustration if their higher goals are not met.”

From: Jordan, P. W. (2002), ‘Human factors for pleasure seekers’ in ed. Frascara, J. Design and the Social Sciences: Making Connections, London: Taylor & Francis, p.13


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