10 TOP-and-FLOP apps for IAs (regularly updated)

In ranking order (and to be completed, any suggestions?):


  1. OmniOutliner
  2. OmniGraffle
  3. FileMaker
  4. Print-to-PDF
  5. baseCamp
  6. del.icio.us
  7. linked.in

  1. iRise
  2. Excel
  3. twitter
  4. Facebook etc.
  5. Axure

2 thoughts on “10 TOP-and-FLOP apps for IAs (regularly updated)

  1. Suffian Rahman

    Man, I wish I could use OmniGraffle but I don’t own/can’t afford a Mac. Is it really that good as people have said?

  2. snaerva

    It’s amazingly smart compared to Visio (e.g. alignment features) and you can easily build clickable prototypes using inbuilt actions. However, Visio and OmniGraffle are probably as different as a Mac and a PC, so there’s more to a comparison than merely juxtaposing features.

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