10 TOP-and-FLOP apps for IAs (regularly updated)

June 26, 2008

In ranking order (and to be completed, any suggestions?):


  1. OmniOutliner
  2. OmniGraffle
  3. FileMaker
  4. Print-to-PDF
  5. baseCamp
  6. del.icio.us
  7. linked.in

  1. iRise
  2. Excel
  3. twitter
  4. Facebook etc.
  5. Axure

2 Responses to “10 TOP-and-FLOP apps for IAs (regularly updated)”

  1. Suffian Rahman Says:

    Man, I wish I could use OmniGraffle but I don’t own/can’t afford a Mac. Is it really that good as people have said?

  2. snaerva Says:

    It’s amazingly smart compared to Visio (e.g. alignment features) and you can easily build clickable prototypes using inbuilt actions. However, Visio and OmniGraffle are probably as different as a Mac and a PC, so there’s more to a comparison than merely juxtaposing features.

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