Effective and Usable Intranets

“J. Nielsen described the ideal intranet from a user’s point ov view (…): Share in a single place all the information necessary to the project; everyone can easily find this information and contribute to the existing information, kill the webmaster!”

From Buffa, Michael: Intranet Wikis (pdf)

Wiki for enterprises

“A wiki is a collaborative website where users can create and edit pages. Wikis fall conceptually under the broad concept of content management, and you could certainly use your existing CMS to create a wiki-like site. However, wikis bring unique characteristics that differentiate them from a run-of-the-mill content management systems.

Wikis emphasize ease of content creation. This simplicity comes mostly from many sources:

  • A wiki markup language that provides a short-hand way of formatting text and linking documents.
  • The ability of users to create and edit pages directly and independently.
  • A bottom-up approach to site structure and navigation.
  • Very simple templating.
  • A conscious decision to eschew workflow or even simple approval steps.”

From: Mark Choate (2006): What makes an enterprise wiki?