Metadata and Tags

    What can metadata help with?

  • Finding data;
  • Managing data;
  • Co-relating data.
    Three categories of metadata:

  • Descriptive (details about resource; often ambiguous)
  • Administrative (author, date etc.; unambiguous)
  • Structural (data about the structure/organisation of the resource; used to co-relate different sets of data; unambiguous

    Seven kinds of tags:

  • Descriptive (e.g. webdesign, drama)
  • Resource (e.g. video, blog)
  • Ownership/Source (e.g. nytimes)
  • Opinion (e.g. cool)
  • Self-reference (e.g. mystuff)
  • Task Organizing (e.g. toread, todo)
  • Play and Performance (e.g. squaredcircle, seenlive)

Gene Smith, Tagging: People-Powered Metadata For The Social Web, p.63/7


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