Tacit knowledge – Explicit knowledge

March 26, 2009
  • Explicit knowledge is relatively easy to capture and store in databases and documents. It is shared with a high degree of accuracy. Explicit knowledge can be either structured or unstructured:
  • Structured – Individual elements are organized in a particular way or schema for future retrieval. It includes documents, databases, and spreadsheets.
  • Unstructured – The information contained is not referenced for retrieval. Examples include e-mail messages, images, training courses, and audio and video selections.
  • Tacit knowledge is knowledge that people carry in their minds and is, therefore, difficult to access. Often, people are not aware of the knowledge they possess or how it can be valuable to others. Tacit knowledge is considered more valuable because it provides context for people, places, ideas, and experiences. Effective transfer of tacit knowledge generally requires extensive personal contact and trust.

From http://www.cs.state.ny.us/successionplanning/workgroups/knowledgemanagement/terminology.html


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