Competitive Review Visualisation

“User research is one component of business intelligence that can help us develop a sense of empathy for the users for whom we’re designing a solution. However, a design will not be successful if it does not also meet business goals. One business goal is to differentiate your offering within the competitive landscape. I’ve found the approach to doing competitive reviews I’ve outlined in this column to be very helpful in achieving that goal. This method helps me see opportunities for new activities, new approaches to tasks, alternative presentation styles, and features that can differentiate my design.”

  1. Identify the salient dimensions that distinguish competitors in a competitive space.
  2. Plot the defining dimensions in a diagram.
  3. Score the selected competitor sites along the various dimensions and plot them visually.
  4. Compare the diagrams for different competitor solutions and identify the gaps.
Comparing competitors along different axes
Comparing competitors along different axes

Michael Hawley: Differentiating Your Design: A Visual Approach to Competitive Reviews


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