OmniOutliner (v 3.5) Printing Problems

May 13, 2009

I love OmniOutliner and it has saved me lots of valuable time for all the projects I’m working on. A really annoying bug, which the Omni guys haven’t been able to fix in version 3, is printing (either to PDF or on paper) a document that has multiple columns. In some instances, what you will get is only a SUPER MACRO view of the upper left corner of your document. I haven’t figured out the logic behind this bug, but it occurs again and again, and it happens when you have changed the Page Setup from portrait to landscape or vice versa. You won’t be able (?) to fix the bug with just changing settings.


  1. Change Page Set-up to the format that you need.
  2. Export the document in OmniOutliner 2 format
  3. Close the document and open the exported document in version 3 (you will be asked to upgrade the document)
  4. Voila. When you print now, you The only annoying thing is that you might have to fix design issues caused by down/upgrading.

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