Cognitive appropriation: Blooms hierarchy of cognitive abilities

Bloom argued there are six levels of domain expertise, and his concern was that education systems at the time were rooted firmly on knowledge, the lowest level. (…) The objectives are a hierarchy showing your ability with a specific domain. Informally you can think of them like this…

  1. Knowledge — The ability to recite lists, rules, formulas, specific facts.
  2. Comprehension — The ability to understand the reasoning behind said rules/facts, and translate and re-state where necessary
  3. Application — The ability to apply acquired knowledge in new situations to produce solutions
  4. Analysis — The ability to recognize patterns, question reasoning, distinguish facts from inferences.
  5. Synthesis — The ability create new knowledge, methods, formulas, based analysis of problems.
  6. Evaluation — The ability to create multiple solutions and select the most effective in a given situation

Des on the contrast blog

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