The Myth of Usability Testing

“Simply put, usability tests can provide huge insight into the patterns and nuances of human behavior.”

… but they fail to deliver lots of things that we often praise them for. Great read, definitely recommend it!

Robert Hoekman Jr.: The Myth of Usability Testing

Sounds familiar …

“You know the story: User experience brings the structural framework and behaviors of the interface; creative brings the visual design; client marketing brings the copy; business brings content; our engineering folks were sometimes bringing error messages. When each of these more tangible elements are cooked up in separate quarters without a shared vision or intent how can we possibly deliver an optimal experience, let alone agree on what that experience should be? It’s not that the meal is bad–it often makes a lot of people very happy–it just seemed that we were missing out on a chance to serve up something better, something that would distinguish itself as a dining experience people would remember in a marketplace of potluck dinners.”

Cindy Chastein: Experience Themes – great article on how to use narratives for integrating tasks and teams in Web and App development!