User experience mindset (PACE)

January 11, 2010

“The user experience mindset is an acquired condition for which there is no cure.”

Jesse James Garrett talks about new challenges for User experience professionals who increasingly will need to pursue an integrated approach to UX (multi-channel experience including products, services, environment and more).

The actual challenge is to design independently from a specific medium. Or as JJG puts it:

“Experience design is the design of anything, independent of medium or across media, with human experience as an explicit outcome and human engagement as an explicit goal.”

    The four domains of user experience design (the PACE model):

  1. Perception: engaging the senses
  2. Action: engaging the body
  3. Cognition: engaging the mind
  4. Emotion: engaging the heart

Jesse James Garrett’s talk on UX Week 2009 Video


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