Database report standards

January 22, 2010
  • Don’t underestimate workload for planning, designing, and developing reports. Check carefully number, complexity, and required format of reports. Consider external business intelligence tools to do the job.
  • Don’t leave report development for the end of the project; utilise given report requirements to sanity-check the technical architecture of the project
  • Check and discuss required format (online, CSV, PDF) for the different reports. Do not forget necessary design work for PDF reports.

    Components of a report:

  1. Title (distinct name of the report)
  2. Report date (when report was generated)
  3. Cut off date OR report period (does the report refer to figures at a given moment in time or over a period of time?)
  4. Any other filter applied to the data set
  5. Columns including raw and calculated data fields? Tinker with row lay out to reflect given hierarchy in data set.
  6. Subtotal figures
  7. Total figures
  8. Concluding statements

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