Emerging Web trends

“There’s no way of picking apart all of that stuff. There’s no curational layer. It terrifies me.” [Jack Schulze, Berg, about being stressed by Google reader]

“The fundamental problem, Öhrvall [Bonniers, Stockholm] argues, is the absence of closure in most digital narratives. On the Web, you ‘always link somewhere else, the story never ends. No sense of completion. For us, it was clear that there was something missing. We realised there must be other ways to tell a story in digital media, apart from millions of look-alike sites on the Web.

“Most of these publishers have a very strong drive to maintain the integrity of the printed product. (…) More than anything else, they have fought against the atomisation of content on the Web.”

From: Tablets of the new covenant by Peter Kirwan, Wired UK, March 10, p. 42 – 46


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