IA heuristics

IA heuristics (comes handy for review)

  1. Does the site structure match the tasks to be performed by the user?
  2. Does the apparent site complexity and functionality match the intended user need?
  3. Is the structure designed so as reduce the total number of navigational steps needed to reach the desired page?
  4. Are frequently needed and critical pages located near the top of the site structure, requiring a small number of clicks from the homepage?
  5. Does the structure convey an appropriate metaphor that facilitates user’s understanding of the site?
  6. Do the navigational labels provide meaningful, unambiguous summary of the pages?
  7. Do the labels use familiar and consistent terminology?
  8. Are the labels distinct from one another?
  9. Do important keywords stand out in the labels?
  10. Does the site promote learning of the location of pages in the site structure?
  11. Does site design build on our prior learning and experience of the intended users?
  12. Does the layout of the navigation facilitate visual scanning by the user?
  13. Do the number of pages per navigation level and the number of levels in the site structure optimise navigation time?
  14. Has random or arbitrary ordering of pages on a particular level in the site structure been avoided?
  15. Are pages on a particular level presented in a logical order to facilitate scanning?
  16. Are pages on a particular level ordered to reveal structure and relationships among them?
  17. Does the order of pages agree with the user’s expected ordering?

From Volkside: 17 guidelines for better information architecture…from 1991

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