Search Manifesto

April 20, 2010
  1. Search is a problem too big to ignore.
  2. Browsing doesn’t scale, even onm an iphone.
  3. Size matters. Linear growth compels a step change in decision.
  4. Simple, fast, and relevant are table stakes.
  5. One size won’t fit all. Search must adapt to context.
  6. Search is iterative, interactive, social, and multisensory.
  7. Increments aren’t enough. Even Google must innovate or die.
  8. It’s not just about findability. It’s not just about the Web.
  9. The challenge is radically multidisciplinary.
  10. We must engage engineers and executives in design.
  11. We can learn from the past. Library science is still relevant.
  12. We can learn from behavior. Interaction design affords actionable results.
  13. We can learn from one user. Analytics is enriched by ethnography.
  14. Some patterns, we should study and reuse.
  15. Some patterns, we should break like a bad habit.
  16. Search is a complex adaptive system.
  17. Emergence, cocreation, and self-organisation are in play.
  18. To discover the seeds of change, go outside.
  19. In science, fiction, and search, the map invents the territory (Note from somewhere elsein the book: maps hide more than they reveal…)
  20. The future isn’t just unwritten – it’s unsearched.

Morville and Callender (2010), p.20


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