7 complementary techniques around card sort

Notes from Beyond Card Sorting: Research Methods for Organizing Content Rich Web Sites Run Amok, IA 2010 summit talk by Michael Hawley; slides on slideshare

  • Free listing; participants think of what comes to mind for a given domain/topic; > frequency analysis; identify most important/salient items; can help sampling cards for card sort; get first ideas for taxonomy/labels/issues
  • Card sort in focus groups; start with individual online card sort; discuss individual and aggergated results in group;
  • Validation of proposed hierarchy; use tools like TreeJack to test the model of a site/organisation
  • Findability testing (FirstClick); test prototype or actual site
  • Reserach for facets; use technicues like triading: Present three objects and ask participants which two objects are different from the third onme (and why); can be extended to repertory grid.
  • Naming exercises; plain surveys to find labels for proposed categories (after card sort)
  • Delphi Card sorting: content model is developed iteratively, starting with a proposed architecture by domain expert, which is then adjusted/developed iteratively by participants

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