8 principles of Information Architecture

  1. Treat content as objects
  2. Manage the paradox of choice (Less is more)
  3. Disclose progressively
  4. Provide examples
  5. Provide multiple front doors
  6. Allow for growth
  7. Think in facets (Provide multiple classification schemes)
  8. Navigate by function; move away from thinking ‘Top navigation’, ‘Left hand nav’, ‘utilities’ etc and think of different navigation types that support interaction with the site, eg Topical navigation, Service navigation, Magazine navighation, Dynamic navigation … (examples mentioned in talk, don’t necessarily agree with these types but like the general idea of describing navigation by its purpose (see quote below).

“Navigation is a tool and we must think about it in terms of the purpose that it serves … (such as) exploring related topics, digging deeper into a current topic, escaping from the current topic, filtering a collection. (…) Don’t describe navigation in terms of where it lives on the page but what it does.”

Dan Brown Eight principles of Information Architecture

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