Why UX matters for people

June 13, 2010

Probably one of the best articles explaining why UX matters for people. I added some notes (marked with //). The actual article gives (a bit) more detail about how that translates to UX practice.

  1. People Don’t Want to Work or Think More Than They Have To //Reduce the amount/complexity of information to digest/process
  2. People Have Limitations //See 1. People are not only lazy (see above), they have natural constraints (time, intellect, capabilities, background etc.). Assume users as human beings, not machines.
  3. People Make Mistakes // Provide alternatives/exits/Undos
  4. Human Memory Is Complicated // See 2 (cognitive limitations). Don’t let people remember things, memory becomes messy very quickly.
  5. People are Social // Not only relevant for social Web. Make use of it!
  6. Attention // Yes, attention IS the currency of the Web and there are many ways to let people pay…
  7. People Crave Information // Information seeking behaviour is peseudo-natural. Interesting point.
  8. Unconscious Processing // Neuroscience and UX is Susan’s actual business (expertise, book, etc) … not really convinced of the value of neuro-scientific UX, but interesting nevertheless.
  9. People Create Mental Models // There’s always a pre-conception of things in people’s mind. Deal with it …
  10. Visual System // Visual hierarchy and insights from Gestalt psychology. An evergreen and rightly so.

Susan Weinschenk: The Psychologist’s View of UX Design


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