Boredom busting apps

Health and fitness apps, like all apps that collect user info, gives uses boredom busting opportunities to explore their personal histories.

Clark 2010, p. 39

Productivity apps

‘… The best productivity apps are tuned for short but frequent hits, encouraging users to capture new information and ideas as they happen, typically to be processed and managed later.’

Clark 2010, p.33

Capitalisation styles

  • Title-style caitalization means that every word is capitalized, except articles, coordinatig conjunctions, and prepositions of four or fewer letters
  • Sentence-style capitalization means that the first word is capitalized, and the rest of the words are lowercase, unless they are proper nouns or proper adjectives

From: Apple iOS Human Interface Guidelinnes


A pixel (or picture element) is a single point in a raster image. The pixel is the smallest addressable screen element, it is the smallest unit of picture which can be controlled. Each Pixel has its address. The address of a pixel corresponds to its coordinate. Pixels are normally arranged in a 2-dimensional grid, and are often represented using dots or squares. Each pixel is a sample of an original image, where more samples typically provide more-accurate representations of the original.

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