Intranet trends 2010

  • A wide spectrum of technology solutions: there’s no single way to build a great intranet.
  • Better-structured intranets based on task-centered IAs, often breaking up a legacy of information silos.
  • Reliance on user research methods — including user testing, personas, and card sorting — both for design decisions in general and IA decisions in particular.
  • News as a main homepage feature, but with increasing emphasis on the usefulness of news stories.
  • Better employee profile pages. In addition to offering information beyond plain contact listings, profiles were typically coupled with a more structured way of finding employees with specific expertise.
  • Blogs by both executives and regular employees.
  • Emphasis on search and on initiatives to improve search quality (which continues to suffer on many intranets).
  • The use of pre-designed page layouts and a CMS to establish and maintain content consistency.
  • Training for site managers and people in charge of individual areas, in recognition of that fact that UX quality derives from people and not just technology.
  • Content curators assigned to keep specific pages up-to-date.
  • Intranet branding, typically with somewhat functional names, such as BenNet, BrandPortal, the Hub, InnovCenter, kate2.0, My.Habitat, the Portal, and Wooby.

From Jacob Nielsen’s Alertbox


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