CCIR brand personality metric

November 15, 2011

Centre for Communication Interface Research (CCIR) is part of the School of Engineering at the University of Edinburgh

CCIR’s brand personality metric uses a proven questionnaire based on an extensive study of the salient attributes of brand personality from published academic and business literature and from previous experiment work in the area. The brand personality attributes assessed in CCIR’s metrics focus on customers’ organic perceptions and attitudes to new processes experienced in an experiment setting, addressing perceptions of brand personality for 24 attributes:

  • Modernity attributes: a brand that is forward thinking, modern, imaginative and stylish.
  • Enthusiasm attributes: a brand which appears confident and enthusiastic.
  • Personal attributes: a brand that is conscientious, welcoming, cheerful, caring, friendly, helpful, approachable, patient, sincere and genuine.
  • Competency attributes: a brand that is dependable, professional, consistent, meticulous, efficient, competent, trustworthy and security conscious.

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