Psychology of User Experience

  • People Don’t Want to Work: they will do the least amount of work possible to get a task done;
  • People Have Limitations: they can only look at so much information or read so much text on a screen without losing interest;
  • People Make Mistakes: Assume people will make mistakes. Anticipate what they will be and try to prevent them;
  • Human Memory Is Complicated: People reconstruct memories, which means they are always changing;
  • People are Social: they will always try to use technology to be social. This has been true for thousands of years;
  • Attention: Grabbing and holding onto attention, and not distracting someone when they are paying attention to something, are key concerns;
  • People Crave Information: Learning is dopaminergic—we can’t help but want more information;
  • Unconscious Processing: Most mental processing occurs unconsciously;
  • People Create Mental Models: People always have a mental model in place about a certain object or task (paying my bills, reading a book, using a remote control);
  • Using Visual Systems can help people.

Susan Weinschenk

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