10 observations

1. You can’t design the user experience
It’s well quoted but true. There is no such thing as THE user experience; every one and every context is different. But we can design for user experience.

2. The experience is defined by the user, not the designer
Enough said.

3. User Experience is not an optional extra
Your product, service or interface will have one whether you like it or not. The choice is whether it’s good or not.

4. Experience is not defined by the deliverables_
Just because the site map, flow and wireframes are done, doesn’t mean the experience design is done.

5. …or the process
Waterfall, agile, lean…each have their merits – and pitfalls. Some projects will suit one, others another.

6. Experience design isn’t just about designing things
Like a website, an app or social platform but the experiences that join them up.

7. Can’t do it in isolation
Experience design cannot simply be a stage in the process. We (agencies) can’t optimise the experience without detailed input and collaboration from the client. There’s also little to be gained from throwing designs and documents over the metaphorical wall to be built or implemented. Collaboration with product, tech and customer service teams is vital to realising the vision.

8. It is about the type of person
Stephen P Anderson makes a potent argument that User Experience is best described by the types and behaviours of people that are good at it.

9. It is all about the end-results
It’s a passion for creating the right product – no matter what. The right experience for the user. People like and interact with things that work – not just look beautiful.

10. Experience Design starts and stops with people.
Our job is to understand people; their attitudes and motivations towards a category, brand or product in context. Building an understanding of what influences our behaviour and decision making means we can apply all the disciplines to design experiences that work.


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