Mobile User Experience

    Users are seeking urgent information on their mobile device that is ofte related to location or activity, mosthly through search engines and recommendation sites like Yelp or oursquare
    Users are seekimg recurring realtime information, such as stock quotes, sport scores and auction listings.
    Users are seeking distraction, entertainment or connection through a mobile device on services like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, or in their email.

From Mobify

The history of UX

If I were to sum up the history of UX in a few short sentences, it might go something like this: villains of industry seek to deprive us of our humanity. Scientists, scholars, and designers prevail, and a new profession flourishes, turning man’s submission to technology into technology’s submission to man.

Leah Buley in UX Booth: Where UX comes from

Principles of User Interface Design

  • Clarity is job #1
  • Interfaces exist to enable interaction
  • Conserve attention at all costs
  • Keep users in control
  • Direct manipulation is best
  • One primary action per screen
  • Provide a natural next step
  • Appearance follows behavior
  • Consistency matters
  • Strong visual hierarchies work best
  • Smart organization reduces cognitive load
  • Highlight, don’t determine, with color
  • Progressive disclosure
  • Help people inline
  • A crucial moment: the zero state
  • Great design is invisible
  • Build on other design disciplines
  • Interfaces exist to be used


Design and Experience failures

Because people relate to experiential products differently, each product fails differently. It might fail because

  • we feel overwhelmed (Google Wave) or underwhelmed (Microsoft Zune).
  • We might feel cheated ( or annoyed (Plaxo).
  • We might feel frustrated (OpenID) or maddened (BMW iDrive).
  • We might become enlightened to a need we didn’t know we had, and then realize that another, different product would actually satisfy this need better (Pownce, Wesabe).

Victor Lombardi: Why We Fail

Quality of designs > quality of life

We are each the product of our experience. The things we do, the places we go, the people we meet, and the things we use all influence who we are. Over time, as we interact with more and more technology to live our lives, we will spend more of our time looking at screens, and the quality of the design of this technology will have ever greater influence on the quality of our lives.

Victor Lombardi: Why We Fail