Component library: decision making matrix

    Lower < Component Value > Higher

  • Limited < Scale of Reuse > Extensive
    How much will the component be reused across experience?
    How many different page types could use this component?
  • Same < Similarity > Different
    How similar is this component candidate to existing components?
    What makes this component justifiably different than other components?
  • Narrow < Specifity > Global
    Is this component specific to a page, section, content type, or context?
    May I use this component in a different context, and if not, why not?
  • Trivial < Significance [for different people/stakeholders] > Vital
    How important is this component relative to our design objectives?
    Is this component important to a sponsor or executive?
    What are the impacts of making tradeoffs regarding this component?
    Can you prioritize these components, from most to least important?
  • Unstable < Sustainability > Permanent
    • How often do you think the component will change?
    • Are there ongoing or future projects that could impact this component?
  • Complex < Sophistication > Simple
    Do you anticipate reusing existing styles/CSS or creating many new styles?
    Are there specific technologies, tools, or frameworks that would need to be utilized (for example video) beyond standard CSS and HTML markup?
    Are there any behaviours and states that need extensive development and testing, or is implementation straight forward?
  • Obtuse < Sociability > Obvious
    How easy is it to explain the component’s purpose?
    How simple are the structures, behaviours, and content attributes?
    Do some stakeholders have difficulty ‘getting it’ immediately?
    How strictly would you govern the usage of this component?
    Would you need extensive editorial or interactive guidelines to ensure that it’s used correctly, or simple guidelines that enable flexible use?
  • Independent < Sync > Correlated
    Is this item a variation of an existing component?
    Is this component related to or always used with another component?
    Can this component be documented on its own?
    Is this component limited to one page type, or can it be used in many places?

Curtis (2010), p. 174-6


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