How to sell a component library to stakeholders?

March 21, 2014
    General KPI’s:

  • Cost
  • Customers acquired
  • Acquiring cost
  • Churn
  • Conversion to sale
  • Size of deal
  • Customer profitability
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Support costs/case avoidance
    IT and engineering exec’s

  • Cost savings from reuse
  • Compatibility with bulletproof open source libraries
  • Lower training cost of technical staff
  • Lower quality assurance (QA) costs during release
  • Lower costs to support the code over time
  • Ability to scale up quickly to outsource due to better documentation
    Brand and Marketing

  • Improved engagement (time on site, “funnel tractors” such as wizards and videos)
  • Better conversion by using well-hones, time-tested, proven high-conversion winners)
  • Consistent visual and interaction identity for the brand, by baking the rules into the components
  • Huge time-to-market advantages
  • Lower cost with vendors, since they won’t be charging you to reinvent the wheel with each new project

Curtis (2010) p. 147-9


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