Is your organisation ready for a library?

  • Communication
    Everyone else will want to know – in simple terms – what this coponent library is all about, hocalw it works, and what it means to them. Your story must be siple, concrete, direct, and focused on how each group and individual may be affected. (…)
  • Workflow
    Component libraries impact at least two critical workflows: how you produce a design solution for each project versus how you maintain your library’s assets, guidelines, and documentation across projects. (…) Depending on how much your library spreads into the activities f cross-functional teams, you’ll need to map out those impacts and come together across teams to decide how milestones, artifacts, expectations, and participation will need to shift.
  • Collaboration
    A component library can be one way for teams to improve collaboration.That said, be mindful that different disciplines may see a library in different lights. So don’t try to fit a square peg in a round hole, but seek to maximise collaboration and participation in your effort.
  • Participation
    Design and engineering teams commonly lead and own library development. But other participants can benefit from, learn from, contribute to, or even immerse their work in the foundation created by the library, too. Product managers start to author Product Requirement Documents or product backlogs that refer to components. QA begins to bind test cases to component codes and variations. Copywriters write copy, variations, and error messages mapped concretely to modular design treatments. The component library’s collaborative nature – not the design assets, but underlying principles of modular thinking and standards – can appeal to many disciplines as a platform into which to inject their influence. (…)
  • Documentation
    (…) As you roll out a library, will deliverables change dramatically, be thrown away, or even be invented from the ground up?

Curtis (2010) p.143-6


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