Value Proposition Map and Customer profile (Jobs, pains, and gains)

A Value Proposition describes the benefits customers can expect from your products and services. The Value Map describes:

  • a list of all the Services and Products a value proposition is built around.
    • Physical/tangible
    • Intangible
    • Digital
    • Financial
  • Gain creators that describe how your products and services create customer gains
  • Pain Relievers that describe how your products and services alleviate customer pains

The customer segment profile describes a specific customer segmenr in your business model in a more structured and detailed way:

  • Gains describe the outcomes customers want to achieve or the concrete benefits they are seeking
    • Required gains (most basic functional gains)
    • Expected gains
    • Desired gains
    • Unexpected gains
  • Pains describe bad outcomes, risk, and obstacles related to customer jobs
    • Undesired outcomes, problems and characteristics
      • functional
      • emotional
      • ancillary
    • Obstacles
    • Risks (undesired potential outcomes)
  • Customer jobs describe what customers are trying to get done in their work and in their lives, as expressed in their own words
    • Types of jobs
      • Functional jobs: Trying to perform specific tasks
      • Social jobs: Trying to achieve/retain status or reputation
      • Personal/emotional jobs: Trying to achieve a specific emotional state such as feeling good or peace of mind
      • Supporting jobs: “Customers also perform supporting jobs in the context of purchasing and consuming value either as consumers or as professionals.
        • Buyer of value
        • Cocreator of value
        • Transferrer of value
    • Identifying ‘high value’ jobs (p.101) – Rank jobs according to whether they are
      • Important – Does failing the job lead to extreme pains? Does failing lead to missing out on essential gains?
      • Tangible – Can you feel the pain, see the gain?
      • Unsatisfied – Are there unresolved pains? Are there unrealized gains?
      • Lucrative – Are there many with this job, pain or gain or few who are willing to pay a lot?

You achieve Fit when your value map meets your customer profile – when your products and services produce pain relievers and gain creators that match one or more of the jobs, pains, and gains that are important to your customer.

From Osterwalder 2014, p.8-13

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