Page Description Diagram

The PDD is a valuable deliverable that can either complement or precede wireframes to negotiate the strategy of the site/pages with clients.

Re-Introducing Page Description Diagrams by Colin Butler, Andrew Wirtanen

Example of a PDD / template


Task Categories for Governmental Sites

    Users that go to a governmental site have probably one of the following tasks in mind:

  • Understand a topic, policy etc. [subject] label alteratives: ‘Find out about’; ‘What is’; ‘How to?’
  • Find a library, leisure center, person etc. [place]
  • Report a fly tip, street damage etc [transaction]
  • Apply for a passport, planning permission etc. [transaction]
  • Calculate / Find out my eligibility, my contributions etc. [transaction]
  • Register for … [transaction]
  • Submit information about tax, newborn children, other … [transaction]
  • Pay for … [transaction]

Web headings

According to a Nielsen-study (2009), the first two words in a Web headline have a huge impact on whether or not people will click on a link.

    The best links in the study:

  • Used plain language
  • Were specific and clear
  • Used common words
  • Started with the essence of the message
  • Were action-oriented
    The worst links in the study:

  • Used bland, generic words
  • Used made-up words or terms
  • Started with after-dinner-speech-introduction language

Gerry McGovern: Writing Killer Web Headings and Links