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Design the beginning

October 31, 2016

The “beginning” is how you introduce something new to a person, and how you will get them to understand its value such that they incorporate it into their lives. When you set about designing the beginning, you are forced to consider the following hard questions:

  1. Where and how will people first hear about your product or feature?
  2. What should people understand about your product at a glance, and is that compelling enough to convince them to go through the trouble of trying it out?
  3. What should people’s first-time experience through your product be, and how do you plan to demonstrate to them its value within the first minute?
  4. How will you build out the social graph, content inventory, marketplace, etc. if the success of your product is dependent on those things?
  5. What would compel somebody to come back and use your product a second or third time?

Julie Zhuo: Design the Beginning


A story sparks engagement

March 12, 2015

A story doesn’t spark agreement or disagreement but rather participation. In fact, stories ignite 7 parts of the brain, which is testament to why as humans we love stories.

Scott Schwertly: The Secret to Activating Your Audience’s Brain

Five Key Ingredients of a ‘Sticky’ Story

March 6, 2014
    Five Key Ingredients of a ‘Sticky’ Story

  1. Know your core message.
  2. Know your target audience
  3. Be authentic. Be vulnerable.
  4. Make it concrete.
  5. Make one clear ask.

Sarah-Marie Hopf

Narratives in Screen Design

November 24, 2008

With narratives in mind, you can think of possible routes for your work and design meaningful and rich interaction:

  • From start to finish
  • From general to specific
  • From viewing to reading to doing
  • From You to Me
  • tbc