about: rastplatznotizen

rastplatznotizen* are notes from my work desk at twobenches.com.


  1. picnic site: Lists, To Do’s, To Think abouts
  2. signposts: IA/UX keywords, concepts, and definitions
  3. garage: Methods and tools for testing and evaluating a site/project
  4. emergency lane: Quick-and-dirty tips, tricks etc.
  5. lay by: Interesting stuff, but not directly related t IA and UX
  6. drive-through: Quotations to go!
  7. objects-in-mirror-are-closer-than-they-appear: Critical thoughts
  8. ditch: irrelevant but unavoidable

* rastplatz is a lay-by on a highway. notizen means notes. rastplatznotizen is one of these words that make IAs dislike German: words are too long to use them as catchy labels. The name makes a reference to twobenches, the brand of my work as IA and UX Designer.