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March 16, 2017

“Make sure every click makes the user more confident”

Jared M Spool in Disambiguity conference


Last 12 Months: Show me latest pictures first!

December 28, 2010

I only sync pictures from the ‘Last 12 Months’ folder to my iDevices. Xtremely annoying: when you want to see the very latest pictures, you got to drag/scroll thousands of pictures (the harvest of a year). Can we please get a reverse sort order button?

The fragrance wheel (Michael Edwards)

September 5, 2010

From complex to simple via feasible

August 19, 2010

Found this semi-graphic in my OSX dictionary. A mandala for UX designer?

From Complex to Simple Via Feasible


June 24, 2010

Everything appeared to be THE ultimate cross-media user experience: finding a flight, booking it, and receiving boarding pass automatically by email one day ahead of departure. Very well done, Air France.

From where was I flying again? Gatwick? Stansted and Luton most probably not. Heathrow more likely. Then, what terminal in Heathrow? It won’t be 5, but is it 1 or 2 or 4? Terminal 4 makes a huge difference, add another 20 minutes to your journey … Well, the email doesn’t tell me. And the boarding pass attached to my email?


Can it have more style?

Gack test

June 9, 2010

“Years ago, we used to include a ‘gack’ test” in UAT, i.e., to find out if the program would crash if the user pressed multiple keys on the keyboard at the same time. “Gack” comes from the sound made when someone falls face first on a keyboard.”

From a discussion about UAT

Explicit signs

May 15, 2010

I’ve always advocated explicit labels and signs. Why not speak out what you want to communicate? Like the signs in the newly refurbished changing rooms in Brixton Recreation Centre. This is what I consider to be clear directions.

This Way To The Poole

Libs preparing for Government

April 20, 2010

Liberal leader Nick Clegg responding to the fact that his PR adviser has left briefing documents for the first election TV debate on the back of a taxi:

“I’m glad to see my top team is preparing for government by developing the habit of leaving secret dossiers in the back of cabs.”

Quote from The Guardian

Jonathan Ive: Apple design strategy > no focus groups

July 1, 2009

So how did the company decide what customers wanted – surely by using focus groups? “We don’t do focus groups,” he (Jonathan Ive) said firmly, explaining that they resulted in bland products designed not to offend anyone.

Christopher Frayling reminded us at that point of Henry Ford’s line about what his customers would have demanded if asked – “a faster horse” – and it’s surely true that the point of innovative companies is to come up with products that customers don’t yet know they need.

Online Survey Directgov

June 22, 2009

You live in the UK and you have used Directgov? Help improving the UK government’s online service portal. It takes only approx. five minutes to take part in this survey. Thanks!